Top 5 benefits of coworking at TENPOD

Derek, the printer

Does anyone else remember the days of having to get your home office printer unjammed? Oh my god, so frustrating. Well, Derek here has got your back. He lets you use him for free, up to a reasonable point. I know that if I ever need to print out something like we used to back in the dim mists of antiquity, I can call on Derek.

The smell of fresh baking

Yep, we are located directly above a bakery! The smells, oh the smells. Also, the cheese danishes are a weakness. Or maybe a motivation? Also, if you save your cup and go back downstairs for another refill, you should definitely tip your server.

Jen & Ethan

This is a totally not self-promoting post about how awesome and responsive the management is here at TENPOD PDX. OK, well, maybe a little. But, like, we are coworkers ourselves – we share the space with you, so you always know where to find us. And we are cool. At least our kid thinks so.

The balcony

Portland is a confusing place: there are 6 months of the most fabulous, warm, not-humid days you can imagine, followed by 6 months of drizzle that would give London a run for its money. Which is why we have a covered balcony: it’s all-season. Sure, your typing fingers might get a little chilly in February, but if you’re a practitioner of Wim Hof’s cold-exposure protocols, then it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Beer and coffee

Beers? Beers. Beer beers beer, beers beer beer. Beeeers. Coffee. Coffee coffee coffee coffee. Coffee?Coooooooffffeeeeeeee.

Beer or coffee? No, beer and coffee. Or maybe coffee, then beer, later.