COVID-19 Safety

Nothing quite like putting the phrase “working at home sucks” to the test! We know that many of you need to get back into an environment that is more conducive to your productivity and we hope TENPOD can be that space for you. Our number one goal is to keep everyone in our community safe when co-working.

Our number one goal
is to keep everyone in our community safe
when working at TENPOD.

Latest Update

As of March 11, 2022, indoor mask mandate has been lifted.

Tenpod members have decided to follow along with this guidance and allow members to work in the office maskless. You may, of course, continue to wear a mask as long as you like.

If you’ve been in recent contact with any COVID-19 cases, or are experiencing symptoms of any kind, we ask that you stay home.


As per the latest recommendations and a general poll of our members, we’re back to normal desk spacing. This allows us to accept new members and try out new desk configurations!


The space will continue to be regularly disinfected on a weekly basis by our cleaning crew. We will supply disinfectant wipes and spray as well as hand sanitizer for everyone to use throughout the day on any surface that you come in contact with.


Masks are no longer required in the coworking space for vaccinated members (which we all are at this time). However, if you’d like to continue to wear one, feel free to do so.