TENpod - No Walls. Good People

TENPODs are creative services co-ops comprised of independently owned and operated businesses. We are architects and writers, engineers and designers, builders, craftspeople, and business people.


Good Afternoon,

I have 2 cafe pods available at our OTR location. They are $175 a month. Cafe-pods members pay an addition $20 an hour for conference room with 3 guest or more.

Ode to Rose is our Artist Den. Filled with natural lighting located in the beautiful Beaumont neighborhood.

Burnside Rocket is our business hub. Loud and fast pace ethos. Located in on the rim of inner east Portland. Mecha of the cool.

Rent is a flat rate, it includes the use of all facilities in tenpod. with 24/7 secure access to your tenpod. We have a office gathering at least once every few weeks. And each TENpod has it's own ethos of creativity.

We would like to provide you more information or a showing of TENpod. Please email at Long@guerrilladev.co and we can set up a schedule for an appointment.


update: 07/21/14

There are two TENPODS in the Portland area